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Rental of the Week: We got a whole lot of new money though…

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We’re just about ready to level up here at Curiocity, and we found a rental of the week that we think can match it. You ever think ‘Heck, it’s not enough to have a penthouse downtown, I need a spot in the hills too?’. Yeah, us too, and this rental is going to fill that need perfectly.

Rental of the Week: The Stone Chateau

rental of the week

Located on Rockridge Road in West Vancouver, this home was obviously built for those who rock Chanel sunglasses and still drive an early 2000s Bentley Arnage on the weekends. Lucky for them, that’s exactly the vibe we’re going for this winter. It’s going to be an icy one, after all.

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With a cozy 13,000 square feet of living space, you’ll have everything you need to host an absolutely ballin’ soiree and recover the morning after. There’s an indoor pool, a secret vault room, gardens and an exercise room with a juice bar. Nice.

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rental of the week

You’re probably thinking, wait for a second, what if someone wants to leave early? Well, then you get to put your 11 car parkade with a turntable to good use.

stone chateau

Our personal favourite touch, though, is the mural in the master ensuite bathroom. You just know that the builders had to pay a pretty penny for that thing, only so it can endure a lifetime of humidity and water splashes. Now that’s an ‘I don’t care, just put it in there’ touch.

stone chateau

You can rent this bad boy unfurnished for 14k a month, or furnished for 16k. If you double up in each of the 6 bedrooms, it actually becomes reasonable.

Check out our rental of the week in full here.

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