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Rental of the Week: Waterfront luxury with a pool in West Vancouver

Photo via orcarealty.ca

We all love going to the beach in the spring and summer, but we don’t all love going to the beach with other people. Y’know, that’s why private beaches are a thing. That’s why we’re pumped about this West Vancouver rental home- it has private waterfront access! That’s right friends, no more fighting for towel space at Kits Beach. Or maybe that’s your idea of fun, but anyway, let’s get into the details.

Rental of the Week: 4012 Marine Drive

West Vancouver

This home takes extra to a new level. It was designed by Brian Hemingway and is located along the coast of West Vancouver’s tranquil Sandy Cove. In fact, it’s so cool that it’s an award-winning home. So if you couldn’t tell, this place practically screams luxury.

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West Vancouver

Some of the amenities include floor to ceiling windows on every level, industrial kitchen appliances, overheight ceilings and a nanny suite. Gosh, if you’re planning on living this big, we think you might need to hire some help. But that seems to be expected here.

West Vancouver

Not to mention, the home is just under 5000 square feet so you probably won’t ever have to see said nanny if you don’t want to. Although we hope she’s nice, and you do. But you could avoid anyone in here if you wanted to.

You also have 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms you can hide out in. Grab some furniture though, because the place is rented unfurnished.

And before we forget to mention it, this home has a pretty cool pool and tub. So you can enjoy a good soak while staring out at the ultimate pool, the ocean.

But as this is West Vancouver, this home will cost you a pretty penny. It’s, uh, $14k a month. So we’ll let you think about that and if you want to see more of this lovely West Vancouver rental, click here.

Happy renting!