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Rental of the Week: The modern furniture lover’s dream in Kitsilano

Photo via uniqueaccommodations.com

Have you ever been more excited about the furnishings of a house than the house itself? Yea, that’s how we feel about our Rental of the Week. Welcome to the ultimate modern furniture lover’s dream. If you’re a person who experiences chair envy, please fasten your seatbelt.

Rental of the Week: 1882 Whyte Ave

1882 Whyte Ave

Firstly, you’ll be happy to know that this house is rented furnished. So yes, you’ll get to sit on and use all that uber-famous furniture. We’re really excited about the thought of chillaxing next to that Noguchi-esque coffee table. We’re not sure if we’d want to put our coffee cup on it though, at least not without a coaster.

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Sorry, we’ll stop fantasizing about Herman Miller. Anyway, this house is big and feels like a mix of a few eras. Between the 80s mirrors in the bedroom, the contemporary bathroom redo and the 90s kitchen, we’re not sure where to look. But hey, we dig it, and we also like how spacious it is. At 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and over 2000 square feet of space, you have plenty of room.

Notice how stupidly spotless everything is? That’s because a cleaner comes for 5 hours a week. That’s serious cleaning time. You could probably dust the roof with that kinda time. We wouldn’t know though, we only vacuum twice a year.

1882 Whyte Ave

In a rare turn of events for Vancouver rentals, this home actually allows pets! With special approval, that is. Pup can’t be chewing on the MCM furniture, capiche?

The home is just available for a few months this year, between March and May. It’s best if you need a short-term rental or a business trip home or something. Well, not affordably. But if you have $9.8k a month to blow on rent, you might as well live like royalty for a short while.

Ready to become roommates with a bunch of beautiful furniture at 1882 Whyte Ave? Us too. Hope you’re down with a spare roomie. Go ahead and click here.

Happy renting!