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Rental of the Week: Practically the whole dang Vancouver House

Photo via CraigslistPhoto via Craiglist

We’re trying something different this week for our rental feature. That’s because while we were messing around on Craigslist, we noticed something fun at the Vancouver House. Turns out, quite a few people bought apartments specifically to rent. Guess what that means? An oversaturated market!

Rental of the Week: Vancouver House Apartments

vancouver house

That’s right, folks. As of right now, there are roughly 30 apartments for rent in the Vancouver House. They range from studios to one bedrooms and are all priced in between $2-3 thousand a month. As for floorplan, you’re looking at anywhere from 430 to roughly 700 square feet.

vancouver house apartments

By the way, we’re using photos from a furnished 1-bedroom apartment that is listed at $2900/month. Maybe go all Harry Potter and just take the lot?

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vancouver house apartments

Now, we’re not saying that all of these are legitimate. But even if, let’s say, 50% of them are, you’ve still got good odds here. With so many options to choose from, and assuming the landlords are motivated to rent, there’s some serious buying power to be wielded here. We’re talking ’bout bartering, baby!

vancouver house apartments

And the Vancouver House is worth bartering for. Named one of the most anticipated buildings worldwide this year, the building will forever change the landscape of Vancouver’s downtown skyline.

You could live in this piece of history! To-be history, that is.

vancouver house

Why are we talking about savvy renter techniques? Well, we know that the vast majority of our homes and rentals of the week are basically showing off the unobtainable. That’s pretty fun by itself, but sometimes an opportunity like the Vancouver House arises. AKA, something cool that the average joe might actually be able to work with.

vancouver house

Then, we get to talk about how we would actually seek out rentals in this city. All too often people are shoehorned into less-than-stellar rental conditions in Vancouver, and we say any chance to get a good deal should be taken.

So, maybe poke around here and see if there’s anthing calling your name.