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Rental of the Week: A Coal Harbour penthouse with its own rooftop park

Photo via Onikon

See, the penthouse at 1239 West Georgia Street is exactly the kind of property we’re talking about when we say that we’re desensitized to Vancouver’s rental market. Regular penthouse? On to the next one. But a penthouse with its own private outdoor roof? Now we’re hitting Rental of the Week status. This is an all-season, Vancouver-proof penthouse.

Rental of the Week: 1239 West Georgia Street

penthouse 1239 west georgia street

penthouse west georgia

Occupying the entire 36th floor of The Venus, this penthouse certainly has its charm inside as well. Bring your friends in from out of town with a whopping four bedrooms and five bathrooms. Plus, at over 5300 square feet, you won’t have to worry about the place getting crowded. You might actually have to worry about losing your cat, it’s so big. Chester? Where’d ya go?

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penthouse 1239 west georgia street

We recommend hosting a monthly dinner party. It’d be a shame not to, since it’s clear that the designers wanted the dining room to be a focal point on the home. Who else would drop that kind of coin on a light fixture, you know?

And all those windows, man. Your guests will be so distracted they won’t even notice you frantically searching for Chester, who you now haven’t seen for three days.

penthouse 1239 west georgia street

Another fun perk of this spot is that it comes with three parking spots included. Perfect! You can keep the weekday Audi, the weekend Range, and the Sunday Maserati in one convenient location. No more pesky trips to the storage lot for you, friend.

rental of the week

But of course, the real selling feature of this spot is the rooftop deck. With spring around the corner, who wouldn’t love what is basically their own park 37 stories up? Set up a hammock, maybe throw a couple of things on the BBQ, read some poetry… you know, luxury stuff.

And if it starts to drizzle, you’re safe and sound under that private penthouse roof. Party on!

rental of the week

If you need us, we’ll be figuring out how exactly we can afford the $23K/month price tag on this spot. If you have any ideas yourself, then you can check out the penthouse at 1239 West Georgia Street right here.