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Marutama serves up a rare dish you can only get in Vancouver

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We have to say, the ramen scene in Vancouver is probably the best in North America, and especially because of Marutama Ramen. It’s like your favourite sushi place- sure, you know that everywhere you go is good, but there’s one that you just keep coming back to. We know, that’s quite the claim to make, but hear us out.

marutama spread

The Japanese chain has only got 3 locations outside of Asia, and they’re all right here. That’s right, Vancouver is so special that they have focused on expanding their business here instead of anywhere else.

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marutama shrim[

What makes Marutama so tasty? That’s an easy answer, their broth. Instead of going with classic pork-based broth, they have cornered the market for chicken. Referred to as toripai tan, this creamy chicken stock is absolutely incredible. What’s more, they’re the only people in the city that specialize in chicken broth instead of pork, so there’s little chance you’ll find something like Marutama elsewhere.

marutama pork

And it’s prepared daily, much like the house-made noodles that Marutama uses. Well, actually, everything they use is prepared in house, aside from the imported seaweed from Japan. Eggs? Check. Cha-Shu pork? Check. Basically, these guys offer a decadent meal that is healthy to boot. Not so bad.

marutama chicken

Of course, you don’t have to stop as ramen at Marutama. Try out some of their side dishes, too. We particularly enjoy the gyoza, but don’t hesitate to try their fried chicken, either.

So, if you’ve yet to check them out, make sure that you head over as soon as possible.


Hours: Vary by location
Where: 780 Bidwell Street, 270 Robson Street and 2858 Main Street (for Marutama Gaiden)

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