Live like royalty at this huge Canadian estate with a 700-acre private lake

Photo via https://www.centris.ca/

If you’re dropping just under $15 million on an estate with its own coat of arms in Quebec, then we can only assume it comes with the option to fire a letter over to Her Majesty. Either way, this spot is going to have you feeling like royalty.

quebec estate

This property is just too good of an opportunity. Let’s start with the main estate. Originally built sometime in the 1800s, it comes with, apparently, 11 bedrooms and bathrooms. But we think that number might include the guest house and whatever other buildings can be seen in the pictures but aren’t included in the description.

quebec estate

Which is why we’re saying to heck with it. Keep the main house sure, but at this price, you might as well try and run your own land. Especially since you’ve got roughly 1200 acres to mess around with. Well, more like 500, since 700 acres are taken up by your private lake. And, this location is actually only 2 hours or so away from Montreal! Way more central than we would have thought.

lake estate

This is your chance to own and operate a small Quebecois fishing community, with a direct blessing from Her Majesty the Queen (we assume). Work through the summer, then hit the trail in the winter selling pelts all the way up to the Hudson Bay.

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Oh yeah, and if you don’t already have a coat of arms, now’s the time to create one. There’s no way you should keep that original one chilling there. It would be bad form.


If you’d like to check out this Quebec estate in full, click here!

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