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Let your love for gin blossom this summer at Juniper

Photo via Curiocity Group

We think that it’s high time we shared our love of Juniper with you. The Vancouver mainstay is one of the best bars in Canada, pairing light Pacific Northwest cuisine with creative craft gin cocktails. Naturally, it’s the perfect bar for summer in Vancouver.

juniper bar

Definitely start your experience by taking a peek at their incredible drink menu. The seasonal menu showcases the best gins in the world from both near and far. Try out the Islay Blossom, with two kinds of gin, yellow chartreuse, lychee, strawberry, pink peppercorn, green strawberry bitters and egg white. If it sounds like a complex drink, it is, but it’s also delicious.

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juniper vegan

Kick off the food experience with their vegan board. That’s right, you can be healthy and still get to nibble away at delicious vegan cheeses, a lentil pate, and a whole lot more. It’s the perfect way to warm up for what’s in store.

juniper tuna

Then, start your dinner with a little tuna tataki. Honestly, the main draw of this dish for us is the inclusion of compressed watermelon. Come on, when have you ever tried compressed watermelon before? Be honest.

juniper duck

Finally, we recommend sharing the duck breast for the main course. Aged locally-sourced duck on top on dijon spaetzle? You have to pinch us for us to accept that that’s real.

So, if you’re wondering where to go the next time you’re craving a refreshing, delicious experience, know that Juniper awaits you.


Hours: Sunday to Thursday, 4:30PM-12AM and Friday/Saturday, 4:30PM-1AM
Where: 185 Keefer Street

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