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Inside the new Pallet Coffee Roasters HQ in Railtown (PHOTOS)

Photo via Curiocity Group

Mmmm coffee, we like it, we love it, and we’re happy that Pallet Coffee Roasters is bringing more of it to Vancouver. The city has tons of artisan coffee roasters all trying their darn best to make it in the game of coffee. It’s definitely hard to pick a favourite but Pallet would have to be one of ours. If you’re not familiar with Pallet, now’s the time to get acquainted because they just got a beautiful new HQ.

pallet coffee roasters

The new HQ is conveniently located in Gastown at 395 Alexander St and is open Monday to Friday from 8 am until 3 pm. If you work in the area it’s going to be your new favourite spot to grab a coffee and a snack (get one of their cookies, they’re to die for). Oh, and it might just become your new top Instagram spot too. The heritage redux warehouse has large ceiling windows perfect for that golden hour glow.

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pallet coffee roasters

Not to mention, this space is huge. Our inner coffee snobs are hoping that Pallet will use the space to offer some workshops. If not that’s ok, we’ll simply watch the Barista’s work their magic and pretend we’re half as good as they are. On a similar note, remember to be nice to your Barista, they’re really doing the lords work seeing everyone before coffee.


Alright Vancouver, let’s get that caffeine. Get on down to the Pallet Coffee Roasters HQ and try the newest member of the city’s coffee scene.

Pallet Coffee Roasters HQ

Hours: Monday to Friday, 8AM-3PM
Where: 395 Alexander Street

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