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Home of the Week: A West End starter apartment with a rooftop pool

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Time for another instalment of the Vancouver home of the week, folks! Ok, we will admit it. Our eyes have been bigger than our wallets for the past few weeks, and we kind of need to calm down a little bit. Sure, it’s fun to check out the most expensive properties around Vancouver, but it’s also fun to find some hidden treasures.

Home of the Week: 1005- 1250 Burnaby Street

home of the week

Nestled in the heart of the West End, this junior 1-bedroom suite just finished renovations this year. You know what that means- you won’t have to worry about it looking outdated in the coming years. The most major aspect of the renovation, in our opinion, is introducing a little dividing wall between the common and sleeping areas.

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We don’t like the idea of having to make our beds perfectly every time someone wants to come over, and that wall fixes the problem. Plus, the exposed brick and upgraded appliances add a nice touch of culture to the 1964 building.

home of the week bathroom

So here’s what we’re thinking. You mull over the price point ($374k), realize that buying a house is practically impossible, and get started on building equity. Worst comes to worst, you can always rent the property for supplemental income if you have to move for work or go on vacation.


Which will be easy, especially because of the rooftop terrace and pool that is available to residents of the building. Trust us, you will be the most popular of your friends once they find out that you’ve got access to that bad boy.

See? We’re not just sitting here reading the Robb Report all day long at Curiocity. That’s reserved for Wednesday through Friday. If anyone sees a steal on an old Testarossa, let us know.

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