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Happy Hour of the Week: The perfect fall comfort food

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We’re not going to lie, a week full of rain has us kind of bummed out. So, we’re going to eat our feelings for the happy hour of the week. And what better place to do that than at Burgoo? They do pride themselves on having Vancouver’s best comfort food, after all.

Happy Hour of the Week: Burgoo Bistro

burgoo bistro

To be fair, the happy hour here is more for when you just want to nibble than when you’re craving a full meal. You know, stuff like baby dill pickles ($2), tater tots ($5) and guacamole with chips ($5). But, they are also fantastic additions to whatever main you decide on.

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burgoo bistro

Alternatively, you can hop on in some gochujang chicken wings ($13.50) or some ceviche ($12), but we feel like that’s not really the whole ‘eat your feelings’ vibe. Well, unless you’re feeling light and airy when you walk in, but who goes to Burgoo for that?

burgoo bistro

Personally, we’re just going to grab some tater tots as we chow down on their grilled cheese, which might just be the best in the city. Add a side of tomato soup to that, and you’ll be feeling ready for the winter in no time.

And that is a claim that we wholeheartedly stand behind, which is why Burgoo is our happy hour of the week.

Burgoo Bistro

Hours: Sunday to Thursday, 11AM-10PM and Friday/Saturday, 11AM-11PM
Where: Locations in Kits, Mount Pleasant, Point Grey and Downtown

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