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The stunning Imagine Van Gogh exhibit has announced an opening day in Vancouver!

Photo via Imagine Van Gogh

Back in November, we found out that the acclaimed and super popular Imagine Van Gogh exhibit was coming to Vancouver. Well, today the organizers announced an official opening date, plus plans for tickets! Here’s a quick rundown.

Originally, the Imagine Van Gogh exhibit was supposed to kick off in February. However, it’s been pushed back until March 19th. We have a feeling that the ongoing restrictions probably messed with the plan.

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Regardless, the date has been set, along with ticket info! They’ll be released on Friday (Jan 15th) morning, starting at $33.99 per person. One note though is that they are non-refundable. Instead, tickets will be held until the exhibit can open, if it shuts down/gets delayed.

So, we’re probably going to wait until the actual opening day to buy ours, since we’re pretty frugal people. But, it’s good to see confirmation that this amazing exhibit is actually coming! For more info on what it will actually be like, click here to check out our original article.

Other than that, have fun experiencing this, folks!

Imagine Van Gogh

When: Scheduled for March 19th
Where: Vancouver Convention Centre
Tickets: Onsale Friday