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Vancouver’s iconic ‘Lights of Hope’ spectacle starts again next week

Photo via http://lightsofhope.helpstpauls.com/

If you asked us how we know we it’s the holiday season, our answer would be ‘all those lights on St. Paul’s hospital’. Well, turns out that those are called the Lights of Hope, and they’ve been bringing cheer to the city since 1998. Let’s learn a little more about one of Vancouver’s most iconic light displays.

Lights of Hope first kicked off as a way to encourage the community to donate to the hospital. And boy, have they been successful. In the 21 years they’ve been operating, they’ve managed to raise a whopping $37 million to go towards the hospital. It’s nothing to shake a stick at, that’s for sure.

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lights of hope

This year, they’re introducing the new ‘Living Light’ installation. This interactive piece lights up whenever a donation is made. On the other hand, it fades when too much time has gone between donations. Well alright, that’s not something we’d like to see happen.

The Lights of Hope campaign kicks off next week with the lighting of the lights and a fireworks display. You should swing by to see our favourite part of the holiday season in Vancouver.

Lights of Hope

When: November 14, 6PM-8PM
Where: St. Paul’s Hospital

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