Take out your anger: Van’s pop-up mini golf wants you to break things

Via 4moles

Are you the kind of golfer that constantly threatens to throw your clubs into the water hazard? Well, this pop-up mini golf experience coming to Vancouver will be right up your alley! Smash Room Golf promises to let you break all sorts of stuff as you play. Let that steam off, guys.

It’s part of the Smash Room Golf Cup, which will be taking place in 12 cities as golfers compete to become the ‘ultimate badass’. We’re not sure if breaking stuff while you play mini-golf really qualifies you as a badass, but hey, we’ll let them have it.

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One hole promises to have 12 vases, with players trying to break as many as they can in 4 shots. Another has you try to break a TV, and the final teaser is some sort of flaming hole in one challenge. Channel those memories of your least-favourite ex and let’s get to business!

Plus, the course will have a bar for guests to boot. Golf, destruction, and alcohol. It’s a trifecta.

Get ready to smash some stuff! Yay!

Smash Room Golf

When: Coming late 2019