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See art in motion at the incredible Vancouver International Dance Festival

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vancouver international dance festival

If you thought the festivals in Vancouver were slowing down, you’re wrong. They’re only picking up. Also, they’re dancing. We’re talking about the Vancouver International Dance Festival! Because who doesn’t love watching the pros dance? It’s all the things we only wish our body could do.

The Vancouver International Dance Festival works to support the art of contemporary dance. That means you’re going to see dances at this festival that you’re unlikely to see anywhere else. In addition, this festival is an excellent way to support local artists. Double booyah.

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Now, you’re probably wondering about the shows. The festival runs throughout March, so you have plenty of time to see one or a few of them across a few venues.

The three groups we’re thinking are must-sees are Modus Operandi, Farouche, and FakeKnot. While united by contemporary dance, all three groups are very different. You can expect improv, topics of daily struggles and identity.

Chasse, step, jete right into the audience, why dontcha?


When: Runs from March 6- March 28
Where: Various venues

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