Finish summer on a high note with this sunset yacht party

Photo via @amrinprasad

If you, like us, are panicking about summer drawing to a close pretty soon, then maybe we have a solution. In addition to checking out our guide for things to do before summer ends, you also have to option of one last hurrah on a yacht party.

Aptly named ‘Boatchella’, this sunset cruise in English Bay is perfect for those who refuse to believe that the rainy season is around the corner. Or, those who know what’s coming and want to squeeze in one last night of sunny fun.

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Whatever your reason, you can join hundreds of other like-minded partygoers at the end of this month. The early bird and tier 1 tickets have already sold out, so we have a feeling that this cruise is going to be jam-packed.

Once on the yacht party, you’ll be treated to three different DJs, and a pretty rowdy crowd. If you’re trying to sip a martini while gazing wistfully into the distance, this isn’t the boat cruise for you.


When: Friday, August 30
Where: Launching from Granville Island Docks
Tickets: $40 plus fees

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