Axe the patriarchy for International Women’s Day

Photo via @forged.axe.throwing InstagramImage via Getty/Jewel Samad/AFP

forged axe

If you’re looking for a fun way to celebrate International Women’s Day, then consider throwing a few axes around. No joke, Forged Axe Throwing has stepped up to the plate and claimed that their female patrons often cite axe-throwing as a great way to build self-confidence and feel empowered.

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In fact, Forged Axe Throwing hosts more bachelorette parties than bachelor parties. To boot, they’ve seen a massive increase in the number of female throwers. One of their regulars, Krista Mackie, is actually headed to Toronto for a national axe throwing tournament.

If you’ve been itching for a new form of stress relief, a solid way to stay in shape, or just a fun pastime, then maybe now’s the time to put down the dumbbells and pick up an axe. In a safe way, of course.

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