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A City-Wide Scavenger Hunt for $25,000 is Coming to Vancouver this Year

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Now more than ever we need some positivity, adventure, and extra cash. Scout, a simple, fun-loving, city-wide treasure hunt, gives you a chance at all three. Oh, and that extra cash we mentioned? It’s $25,000.

Scout is the newest event brought to you by Curiocity. Our motto here at Curiocity is to emphasize what’s relevant, from the best things to do and places to eat to experiences, events, and adventures- like Scout. Scout is a way for us to engage Canadians in a unique city-based experience that encourages them to explore their city.

Separate Scout treasure hunts will be taking place on one day only in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Edmonton, each with a grand prize of $25,000. Players will receive real-time clues through text-based communication to guide them along their Hunt, and, if they’re lucky, to the grand prize! So if you’re looking to win big, make sure you sign up for the waitlist ASAP, ‘cause there’s a limited amount of players allowed.


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At its core, Scout is a high-stakes treasure hunt for $25,000. Every player receives a set of riddles or clues that lead to a hidden bank card. When someone finds the card, we verify their entry, and the game is over. It’s a fun-filled single-day activity, with a big prize.


Players will need to purchase one of two Clue Kits, the Standard Clue Kit or Better Clue Kit, up to 24 hours before the Hunt begins. The Standard Clue Kit will come with everything players need to solve the Hunt, but the Better Clue Kit will come with a few extra clues on the day of the Hunt. However, there are a limited number of players allowed to enter, so save your spot before it’s full! Finally, on the day of the Hunt, players will receive clues via text message, eventually leading them to the grand prize of $25,000 (if they solve them all).

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How you Scout is up to you. We are definitely the “more the merrier” type, but players are free to go about it alone or work with a team. Scout is designed for everyone and anyone. From veteran hunters to first-timers, this one-day experience is designed to cater to a wide variety of players who can choose how they want to play.

On Sunday, November 15th, the very first (hint, hint) Scout Treasure Hunt will kick off in Calgary. Stay tuned for updates on when Scout will be launching in Vancouver this year. 2020 may have kept us apart, but Scout is here to let us adventure together. Ready, set, Scout.

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