5 events to check out during Vancouver Startup Week

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Vancouver Startup Week starts up (hehe) tomorrow, and will be offering dozens of workshops, seminars and competitions until September 20. So listen up, young go-getters, as we provide our (completely subjective) guide to the best ones to check out!

Here are 5 events to attend during Vancouver Startup Week.

Entrepreneurial F*ck-Ups: Stories of Failure

Since anywhere between 70-85% of startups fail, this is a good opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others. Listen to 5 Vancouver-based entrepreneurs as they share stories of failure, and how they overcame it.

When: Monday, September 16

Radical Women in Business

This panel discussion focuses on women who are changing the global entrepreneur ecosystem. From impact investors to ‘feminist social entrepreneurs’, this is a great look inside the difficulties and triumphs experienced by powerful women in business.

When: Tuesday, September 17

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Gaming and e-Sports

There’s no doubt that the e-sports industry will only continue to grow. This networking event and panel discussion will look at how game design, human psychology and innovative technologies continue to push the definition of ‘professional sports’.

When: Tuesday, September 17

Zero Waste Startups

We think everyone can agree that climate change should be on every entrepreneur’s mind, regardless of the industry they’re in. Can startups be fully sustainable? Does it make a difference? These questions and more will be discussed.

When: Wednesday, September 18

New Ventures BC Competition

With $250k in cash up for grabs, this competition will see some of the best startups compete. This is the 19th year in a row where the competition is going down, and isn’t an event to be missed.

When: Thursday, September 19

Boy howdy, does Vancouver Startup Week have some good events to attend. Whether you’re thinking of creating your own company or simply want to check out the field, this is a week you should consider attending.

Vancouver Startup Week

When: Friday, September 13 to Friday, September 20
Where: Venues around the city
Tickets: $175-$350

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