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You might just see a ghost on this historic haunted Vancouver tour

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Well, we all know that Gastown is Vancouver’s oldest neighborhood. But how much do you really know about its history? Hint, it was a lot more gruesome than you think. Which makes us wonder if there are any lost souls still wandering the area. And luckily for us, Forbidden Vancouver is here to help us find out.

Forbidden Vancouver offers all sorts of great walking tours. And while you may think tours are for tourists, we assure you, these are worth checking out. Even if you think you know it all when it comes to Vancouver. But that being said, they have a Lost Souls of Gastown Walking Tour that’s sure to teach you something new.

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Not to mention, these tours are done at night to up the creepiness factor. So if you want to learn all about the murder, revenge, and true crime that has happened right here, you have to check it out. Plus your guides take it to the next level with some theatrical elements which will ensure you never forget this experience.

So if Forbidden Vancouver is right up your alley, you can click here to learn more. And if you go, don’t spook yourself too much. But uh do let us know if you see any ghosts, after all, we’re pretty curious.

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