Volunteers cheer in front of empty kennels at animal shelter (VIDEO)

Via FOX 5 Atlanta / Shutterstock

Ok, we thought we would bring some good news with you to cap things off on this fine Monday. Last week, a heartwarming video was shared of a dog kennel where every single dog available had been adopted. We’re not crying about mutts, you are.

The video actually comes out of a South Florida animal shelter, and it isn’t the only place where people are adopting all the time. In fact, Calgary’s animal shelters are getting flooded with adoption applications, and that’s just the city we looked into!

As long as people know what they’re getting into when they adopt pets, we say more power to them! A little furry friend can be one of the best things you’ll ever get in your life, we guarantee it. If that wasn’t the case, we wouldn’t be addicted to seeing the family dog weekly (we’d get one ourselves, but we can barely take care of a cactus).

So if you were thinking that maybe now is the time, check in with your local animal shelter to see what’s up! Have a great day, folks!