The Vancouver Aquarium is letting penguins out to do tours (VIDEO)

Via @vanaqua Instagram

It’s real-life Madagascar out here in Vancouver. The penguins at the Vancouver Aquarium have made a break for it now that there are no visitors. We’re just kidding, don’t worry. However, the penguins at the Vancouver aquarium are getting supervised walks around the various exhibits.

We’re sure that you’ve seen the trend of aquariums worldwide letting penguins loose to explore the other exhibits. And to be honest, some of the reactions from the penguins have been pretty funny. Although, the penguins here at the Vancouver Aquarium seem pretty relaxed for looking at one of their predators. That being said, we’re happy to see the penguins getting a new world view.

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It makes us wonder what they think when they look through the glass at us. We’ll probably never know but we just hope this doesn’t make the penguins have an existential crisis. And, we’ll guess they’ll be pretty happy to see us all again when the Aquarium is able to reopen.

Until then, you can catch us watching this video on repeat. And maybe stalking the Vancouver Aquarium Instagram for some good feels. Oh and probably the live stream because why the heck not. But hey, whatever makes you happy right?

Have a great weekend Vancouver.

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