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The official new dates of the Tokyo Olympics have been announced

Photo via ZBC News

Well, folks, it looks like the postponed 2020 Tokyo Olympics are going to actually be taking place in 2021. This morning, the International Olympics Committee (IOC) officially made the announcement that the games would now begin in late July of 2021.

To come to this conclusion the IOC had 3 main considerations. The first, and most important, was the potential spread of COVID-19 at the Games. Then, they thought about how to “safeguard the interests of the athletes and of Olympic sport”. But, we think that’s just jargon for ‘the show must go on’.

Finally, they took into account the international sports calendar. Based on those three factors, the decision was made to simply push it all the way to next summer. This is a stark departure from the most hopeful estimates that the Games could be ready by the spring, or even as early as this fall.

Now, the games will start on July 23 and run through August 8 of 2021. If you’d like to read the full statement about the Tokyo Olympics being postponed, just click here.

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