John Krasinski and Steve Carrell give fans a mini Office reunion

Photo via Variety/NBC

On Sunday, actor, and director John Krasinski (aka Jim Halpert) released a new video series on YouTube called Some Good News. Basically, he’s trying to provide an update on all the positive stuff happening in light of COVID-19. Here’s how he did it.

All last week, Krasinski asked his followers for some good news stories on social media. Eventually, it got to a point where he felt that he might as well share it. And just like that, the Some Good News network was born.

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Krasinski starts the video off by thanking members of the global health community, before talking about a variety of local news stories showing how people are reaching out and helping around the world. From leaving toilet paper out for delivery drivers to an adorable husband and wife duet, Krasinski made good on his promise of ‘Some Good News’.

And then he brought out Steve Carrell! The two spent a few minutes laughing about the show, and how the chemistry started amongst the cast. Fun fact-one of Carrell’s favourite running jokes in the series was his purchase of a plasma TV.

But we’re not going to ruin all the fun. Check out the video above and have a good time with Some Good News!

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