Here are 5 anti-racism documentaries and videos to watch right now

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Hey folks, we want to keep giving you resources on how to support the black community. And one of the best ways that you can support going forward is to re-educate yourself in anti-racism. With that in mind, here are 5 anti-racism documentaries and videos that you can watch right now.

I Am Not Your Negro

This documentary takes inspiration from James Baldwin’s unfinished manuscript, Remember This House. And the story explores the history of racism in America as well as prominent civil rights leaders. So we highly recommend giving this documentary a watch.


This documentary looks at the link between race and mass incarceration. And as cities across the US are demonstrating to defund the police, it is extremely important to understand how the prison system and police continue to perpetuate cycles of oppression. (By the way, this movie is currently free on YouTube).

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Explained: The Racial Wealth Gap

If you are aware that there is a racial wealth gap but do not understand why it exists, you should watch this. This episode of Explained looks into how the history of slavery, discrimination, and inequality has created the racial wealth gap we see today.

Whose Streets?

And if you want to understand the importance of protesting in our day and age, Whose Streets is a great place to start. This documentary looks into the Ferguson protests and the killing of Michael Brown. Further, it looks into how this protest and uprising changed history.

How to overcome our biases? Walk boldly toward them

We have seen a lot of use of “All Lives Matter” and if you don’t understand why this statement is inappropriate, you need to watch this video. This TED Talk by Verna Meyers explores biases and the importance of getting involved with the things that make you uncomfortable.

Okay, folks, that is our shortlist of anti-racism documentaries and videos that you can watch right now. And because we all have a little more time on our hands thanks to COVID-19, let’s use it to educate ourselves. But don’t stop here, keep looking for more anti-racism texts and films to watch.