A Van studio created the Game of Thrones dragons

Photo via https://www.youtube.com

So, we at Curiocity actually have a Games of Thrones death pool going on for season 8, and it only makes sense to talk about the dragons. Turns out, it’s a Vancouver studio, Image Engine, that has been responsible for their creation since last season.

After starting with smaller VFX work, like crowd and battle scenes, Image Engine was asked to help out with the dragons as the needs of HBO grew. And grow it did, since Image Engine had roughly 100 people working on the dragons for the final season.

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It’s pretty easy to make the claim that Game of Thrones has set a new standard for epic TV series. The episodes cost roughly $15 million USD each, and we can only assume that a substantial portion of that is the VFX work.

The next episode, titled ‘Battle for Winterfell’, is apparently the longest battle sequence ever filmed. Makes sense, since episode 2 was essentially the characters making their peace with the upcoming, let’s call it, scuffle.

No spoilers from us though, you have to go to your obnoxious friends on Facebook for that.

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