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A huge tree fell on the seawall and someone caught it on video (VIDEO)

Photo via shutterstock.com

Well folks if a tree falls in Vancouver, people will certainly hear it. Especially when that tree happens to fall on the Seawall. Like come on, what are the odds? But that being said, we’re super happy that this crazy incident was caught on camera.

So you know, Vancouverites love to enjoy their strolls on the Seawall. And one person happened to hear some abnormal cracking noises coming from a tree. So as well all do, they pulled out their phone and started recording.

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When a tree falls on the Seawall… wait for it… from r/vancouver

And what they captured was well, pretty amazing. Because we don’t know about you guys but we’ve never seen a tree fall naturally before. But that being said, we’re really happy that no one was hurt as this tree was obviously pretty big.

So with that in mind, we’ll definitely be keeping our eyes on the trees for a while. And if it makes you feel any better, the Vancouver Park Board said they will be thoroughly inspecting trees in the area. So Vancouver, keep those eyes peeled and enjoy your week!

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