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6 free outdoor movies to catch before summer ends

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Well folks, all of the free outdoor movies that have been playing all summer long are now wrapping up. But don’t worry, there are still more than a few out there that are definitely worth catching. Action, comedy, animated… it’s all waiting for you, dear reader.

Here are 6 free outdoor movies to catch before summer ends.

Back to the Future

Can we go back to a future where the world isn’t so crazy? No? Alright.

When: Friday, August 16
Where: Grandview Park

Pokemon Detective Pikachu

Hometown hero Ryan Reynolds as Pikachu. What more could you want?

When: Saturday, August 17
Where: MacLean Park

Jurassic Park

You’re a very clever person if you go check this one out. (Sorry, that was a low hanging fruit for us to pick, we will do better).

When: Tuesday, August 20
Where: Second Beach, Stanley Park

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Crazy Rich Asians

Learn just how crazy wealth can get. We want a private jet… As a matter of fact, we want to simply be one of the richest people in Singapore.

When: Wednesday, August 21
Where: Art Gallery North Plaza

Spider Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Another movie that shows the talent coming out of Vancouver. This time, the focus is on the animation team here that’s part of Sony Imageworks.

When: Thursday, August 22
Where: Canada Place

Aladdin (2019)

Will Smith as the new genie?? Count us in, just as long as Gilbert Gottfried returns to voice Iago in the inevitable sequel. Or get Danny DeVito on board. Whatever works, really.

When: Tuesday, August 27
Where: Second Beach

Honestly, we’re happy to see any of these movies. However, we need our weekly fix of Jeff Goldblum and we’re dying to see the new Aladdin. Catch you guys at Second Beach, we guess. Just don’t try and take our spot.

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