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5 Underrated Vancouver Sushi Spots for Great Takeout

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There is no question that Vancouver is an absolute hot spot for fantastic sushi. From well-known institutions to hole-in-the-wall hidden gems, there seems to be a great sushi spot in each nook and cranny of the city.

That’s exactly why we’ve teamed up with SkipTheDishes to try out a few local favourite Vancouver sushi spots for takeout. And the results are tasty, to say the least. So with that in mind, here are 5 underrated Vancouver sushi spots with great takeout!


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Starting this list off hot with a Surrey favourite. We ordered a couple of Unagi Cones and the Salmon 101 Roll. The Unagi Con was tangy, sauce-y, and wonderfully BBQ’d eel, making you want a million more. The Salmon 101 Roll was to die for Aburi sushi. Yes, we said to die for. Yes, we meant it. The smokiness of the seared salmon coupled with the sauce was completely…bonkers. This one did not last long. Hanaya did not disappoint with their unique, savoury flavours, and we would recommend their Aburi to anyone in a heartbeat.


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Located on W King Edward, this quaint little spot offers a variety of classics along with some unique new dishes. We tried their Ponzo Tako, Ebi Mayo, and Dynamite Roll. The Ponzo Tako was super tasty, and the octopus’ flavour was well complemented by the complex ponzu sauce. Ebi Mayo is one of our faves, and this one lived up to our standards. It was delightfully light, yet crispy and spicy at the same time. Next up was the Dynamite Roll, which is a crowd favourite and this one was executed well. All in all, Osaka provided some interesting dishes that served up seriously vibrant flavours.


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This spot maki’d our eating experience very enjoyable. See what we did there?! Seriously though, Sushi King George gave a great execution of some delicious, classic rolls. Nothing too fancy, but the beautiful thing about sushi is that it doesn’t always need to be elaborate or fancy to be delicious. We tried the House Roll, California Roll, and Spider Roll. The rice used for all their rolls was primo, with a subtle sweetness that really played a nice complementary part. The Spider Roll was packed with soft shell crab that balanced the rice wonderful with just the right amount of crunch.


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Osaka Sushi had perfectly fresh sashimi, and a fun dynamite dragon roll that made a winning combination. The Salmon Sashimi was wonderfully fresh and clean and made us want to sit in the sun and eat it every single day. The Dynamite Dragon Roll was a fun-filled surprise with unagi, tempura shrimp, and avocado, resulting in a killer combo.


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We’re finishing off this list with a Victoria Drive favourite that does a great job making complex, tasty dishes. We tried out their Tuna Tataki and House Special Roll. The Tuna Tataki had an awesome zesty sauce with some succulent pieces of seared tuna. This was such a delight that we actually managed to say succulent with a straight face. The House Special Roll had a little bit of everything, being a major crowd pleaser.

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