The wildly popular Tokyo ramen chain, Menya Itto, has decided that Vancouver is the perfect place for its first North American location. And honestly, we couldn’t agree more with them. Curious about the latest name in the game in this city? Here’s a quick rundown.

Menya Itto specializes in a type of ramen we think is underrated in Vancouver- tsukemen. This specialty ramen dish serves the noodles and the broth separately so that you dip the noodles into the broth before eating. We’re going to call this style of ramen ‘thick’. Thick noodles, thick broth, and a whole lot of flavour!

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The new location will be located on Robson Street, so right alongside some of the other major players in the city. We seriously cannot get over how good Vancouver’s ramen scene is, and more keep coming all the time! It’s a ramen wonderland, is what it is.

Since we’ve yet to try out Menya Itto, we’re going to link an honest review of the Tokyo location instead. Fingers crossed that the Vancouver location, whenever it opens, lives up to the hype!

Menya Itto

When: TBD
Where: 1479 Robson Street