Wells folks, the City of Vancouver is making moves. This week they announced that the city council has voted to name a new street after a Black woman. And this woman is one of the key figures in Vancouver’s Black history, Nora Hendrix. Not to mention, this is the first street in the city named after a Black woman.

If the name sounds familiar it’s probably because you’re thinking of Jimi Hendrix. And it just so happens that Nora is his grandmother! But she is best known for her work in the historically Black Hogan’s Alley community. Even more, she was a cook at the legendary Vie’s Chicken and Steak House.

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So it’s about time that she gain some major recognition from the city. The new Nora Hendrix Way will be one block from National Avenue to Atlantic Avenue. Which happens to be about a block away from the African Methodist Episcopal Fountain Chapel that she co-founded. Nice!

However, we should note that the City Council is getting some heat for not consulting with local groups like the Hogan’s Alley Society about the decision. Especially since they got the OK to name a modular housing unit after Nora back in 2019.

Personally, we hope that this decision marks a shift in Vancouver’s recognition of BIPOC individuals. After all, there is much of Vancouver’s history that has been entirely whitewashed.

For more information on this issue and others, we suggest checking out the Hogan’s Alley Society website.