It was a good run, but alas, the now iconic beached barge along the Vancouver Seawall is finally going to be fading into the mist. After literally months of waiting around, crews will begin work on dismantling the barge. Here’s a quick update/recap.

Originally stranded back in November of last year during a major storm, the barge quickly became one of the city’s most infamous attractions. We’re talking fake signs, countless updates and coverage, and of course, memes. So many memes.

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Turns out, getting something that big unstuck, without damaging its surroundings, was a next-to-impossible task. So, back in February, the city announced that the barge would be dismantled/deconstructed first, in order to minimize the impact.

Which leads us to today’s announcement. The company hired to do the job, VanPile, will begin the process of breaking it down this week, starting with fencing it off and installing barriers so work can begin in earnest. Once that’s underway, the removal of the beached barge in Vancouver should take 12 to 15 weeks.

Luckily, access to the Seawall won’t be affected, so you could even get weekly updates during a stroll if you really wanted to. It was a nice run, barge, and you’ll be weirdly missed. Oh well, here’s hoping the McBarge eventually makes a comeback.