With a delayed start to wildfire season in BC, it feels like we’re living in a strange mix of summer and fall. And right now, the air quality in Vancouver isn’t doing so great.

According to the BC Wildfire Service and the BC Wildfire Dashboard, there are numerous wildfires throughout the southern interior deemed “out of control” that may be contributing to the air quality in Vancouver.

IQAir ranks air quality across the world, and normally Vancouver sits pretty low on the list. However, the air quality level is currently at an “unhealthy” level of 167, which puts us at #4 on the list. Fortunately, it looks like there’s some rain in the forecast, so the air quality should be back to a “healthy” level starting Friday, October 21st.

You can also view a more detailed air quality data map for BC here.

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vancouver air quality

Photo via IQAir

For now, stick with indoor exercise and keep your windows closed for the time being. Experts also recommend wearing masks if you need to go outdoors.

Stay safe out there, Vancouver.