We honestly can’t say when we will next hop in an Uber, but it’s nice to know that there’s now a low emissions ride option available when we do. On Tuesday, the rideshare company announced a massive expansion to its Uber Green initiative. Here’s a quick rundown.

Basically, Uber Green is a new option for Uber rides. But, instead of larger or luxury vehicles, you’ll get either a hybrid or a fully-electric option. And, like the various Uber lines, Uber Green does have a slight premium (around a buck a ride, usually).

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Back in 2020, Uber released a statement on its carbon emissions goal. And, maybe the most aggressive of them all was having only zero-emissions vehicles on its platform by 2040. So naturally, they got cracking right away with pilot cities around the world.

Well, it looks like the plan’s good enough to expand. Now, over 1,400 cities in Canada and the US will have the Uber Green option, including Edmonton and Calgary! Fingers crossed we luck out and get to roll around in a Tesla Model X. Gullwing doors on an SUV? Yes, please.

To check out the press release in full, just click here. Happy commuting, friends!