Grocery delivery is getting a little more sustainable thanks to the recent partnership between Kraft Heinz and Loop. For the very first time in Canada, there’s a new way to shop waste-free. This sustainable take on grocery shopping is the delivery system you didn’t know you needed.

So here’s how it works. When you order through Loop, your goods will be delivered to your door in reusable containers. Once you’re done with them, you put the containers in a Loop tote outside your door and schedule a time for pickup. Those containers and picked up, sanitized, and reused for later deliveries. You get to enjoy a COVID-19 safe way to shop and reduce your environmental footprint all in one!

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Of course, the partnership with Kraft Heinz makes things extra special. Now Canadians can get their hands on the iconic Heinz Ketchup glass bottle through their delivery with Loop. The bottle has always been recyclable, but now it’s reusable as well! Deliveries are available across the GTA beginning today, so be sure to head online to check it out.

So there you have it folks! The future of sustainable grocery delivery is on our doorstep. We can’t wait to check out the iconic Kraft Heinz ketchup bottle for ourselves.