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The 26 best things to do from home in Toronto this April

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Howdy folks! If you haven’t already guessed, our guide for the things to do in Toronto this April is going to look a little different than past ones. Why? Well, due to social distancing we can’t really suggest going to concerts. Luckily, we’ve already got a pretty solid roundup, and we’re about to add even more!

Here are the best things to do in Toronto this April.

Attend a Social Distancing Festival

Yup, that’s right. There’s now a website devoted to finding all the arts and culture events that have moved online. Concerts, art shows, you know, and this website probably knows about it.

Play Cards Against Humanity

The classic game for inappropriate laughs has moved online! Click the link above to find out how you can make your friends laugh through the power of the internet.

Try to get married

Or maybe we should say try to try to get married. The Netflix smash hit Love is Blind is now casting for season 2, and Canadians are welcome to make a submission!


Although restos are closed for sit-in dining, there’s still plenty of options that can be delivered straight to your door. No matter what you’re craving, from sushi to cheesecake to everything in between, check out these incredible delivery choices!


It’s no secret that the ongoing COVID-19 crisis is having some less than ideal impacts on some of your favourite local spots. So why not do what you can to keep these Toronto staples afloat? This non-profit is tailor-made just for that! So check it out on your next online shopping spree.


You could use this time to expand your skillset. Entertain whoever you’re stuck in quarantine with a magic trick or two. Tons of tutorials are available on YouTube. While you’re at it, see if you can find a trick for making COVID-19 disappear…


If the constant depressing news headlines have got ya down, mix it up with these 7 feel-good stories from Toronto and beyond. They’re sure to brighten your quarantine and bring a smile to your face.


Hey, just cause you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t get some fresh air! And the best part is, The Weather Network’s Spring Forecast is saying that sunny days are right around the corner. Okay, mild days. But that’s better than cold ones, right?


Don’t let self-isolation get you down. You can take Yale’s most popular class online right now for FREE. And it’s the subject matter? Happiness! Who wouldn’t want an Ivy League education on that??


Okay, this one’s not so fun but it’s a necessity. Spend this extra time at home tidying up! If you’ve let things slide in a self-isolation slump, this is the sign you’re looking for to turn it all around. Spring cleaning season is coming early, folks.


What better way to pass the time than getting lost in a good book? You can become so immersed in the story that you forget the actual horror show we’re all living in! Plus, right now this super cool service lets you access your local library from home. So get reading, people!

Have a nice workout at home

We don’t know about you, but our idea of a ‘home workout’ is 15 minutes of stretching followed by a glass of wine. Well, that gets a lot harder when you’re following along to a virtual workout. Check out the link to see our top picks in the city.

Pretend to be a National Geographic Adventurer

Do you know that Nat Geo actually has ‘adventurers and explorers’ on their payroll? While we wait for our job offer, we’re going to practice online using a pretty fun little Google Earth feature, which allows us to see some of the world’s best wildlife habitats.

Satisfy your late-night cravings

Earlier this week, we wrote a guide to some of our favourite Toronto spots offering late-night delivery services. Well, support local business and take advantage of these spots the next time you’re hankering for pizza at 1 AM. We think that frequency is only going up.

Cravings? We’re craving a new series to watch

You’re in luck, friend! Crave announced that they are extending their free trial to 30 days, up from 7. Know what that gives you? More than enough time to crush a couple of HBO Series.

Take advantage of a farmers market… from the future

If you’re trying to be healthy this week, then you should go straight to the source for your ingredients. Plus, we have a feeling that local farms are going to be affected by this, so we think any kind of support they can get is worthwhile. And, delivery is cheap!

Learn from a great sage, the Tiger King

Let’s face it, one of the biggest names of 2020 is going to be Tiger King. Learn about Joe Exotic on an absolute thrill ride of a docuseries, then check out the rest of our picks. (Yes, we have great taste, we know)

Go Shopping

Each week, we’re realizing how important this is, so it’s sticking around. A lot of independent businesses are going to be under pretty intense financial stress for a while. So if you’ve got some spending money, support them. Order takeout/delivery, buy that shirt off Etsy, get a book delivered from a local store… whatever it is, your extra buck or two is more important than ever.

Have some wine delivered to your door

We’ve got a list of wineries that order right to your door and you’ve got a weekend that definitely needs some wine. Sounds like a match made in heaven.

Explore the cosmos

There’s a lot more in this big old universe that just the earth. Remind yourself of your place on the cosmic scale by exploring NASA’s entire media library, which they’ve just released to the public for free. Photos, video, audio… heck, maybe you’re the person that gets inspiration from spooky space sounds, we don’t know.

Ride a rollercoaster besides the rollercoaster of life

Disney might have shut their parks for the foreseeable future, but we also live in the future. Confused? That’s us telling you that you can ride any number of Disney parks from home, for free. Check out their catalogue for 360-degree videos online, and torture yourself by getting ‘It’s a small world after all’ stuck on loop in your head.

Go down the rabbit hole

Have you ever heard of the Internet Archive? Well, it’s a website that strives to do just that. Public domain movies, books, and other content can all be found here. Plus, they’ve got a catalogue of over 418 billion different webpages. Think of it as exploring another kind of cosmos.

Play some flash games

But not just any video games… flash games! You know, those games that got you in trouble every single time you stepped into the computer lab at school? Ok, maybe’s that was just us, but still. So far, 38,000 games and growing are free to access.

Or, go one step further

By checking out an in-browser emulator that gives you access to a wide variety of Nintendo and other older games. Pokemon, Sonic, Mario Bros. are all on here, often with multiple generations represented. Just be careful, you don’t want to get too invested in this.

Paint Something!

How adorable would this be? Instead of sending your friend/family member a good morning text during social isolation, you send them an authentic, one-off postcard. And, you don’t even need to have a Windows laptop from 2003 to use the original MS Paint. Score!

Listen to the radio

Here’s some old-timey fun for ya with a modern twist. Round up the grandkids on FaceTime, turn on your old radio, then plug in whatever adapter is necessary to listen to the radio off your laptop. And when we say the radio we mean it- every public radio station on earth is on this website.

And that’s our roundup of the best things to do (mostly at home) this April in the city! Stay safe, but enjoy yourselves a little bit!

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