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8 things to do in Toronto this weekend (March 20-22)

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Howdy, folks! You’ve probably guessed it already, but our round-up of the things to do this weekend in Toronto is going to be a little bit of a switch-up from our usual programming. But, we’ve found so many interesting things to do, while still being healthy and safe, that we thought we should share them with you.

Here are 8 things to do this weekend in Toronto.

Go for a Spring Hike

Maybe you’re going a little stir-crazy hanging out in your apartment most of the time. If that’s the case, then you should check out some of the fantastic year-round and spring hikes that Calgary has to offer. Plus, it’ll be easier than ever to practice social distancing out there.

Rewatch your favourite Disney movie

Regardless of whether or not you share the same test as us, now’s a great time to relive the magic of your youth. Pull out your favourite Disney classic, pop some popcorn, and enjoy some great stories. Bonus points if you rediscover one you completely forgot about. That’s what happened with us and The Sword in the Stone.

Learn something new!

Earlier this week, we showcased Massive Open Online Courses. These non-accredited courses are offered by some of the most prestigious schools in the world (Harvard and Yale are both involved). Plus, topics cover everything from moral philosophy to finance to microbiology.

Explore the world

The first option for this is to check out what Google just created. Called the Hidden Worlds of the National Parks, it offers you a unique look at some of America’s most stunning regions. On the other hand, you could click this link and see how empty the monuments around Italy currently are. Fair warning though, it’s spooky.

Support local businesses

Small businesses are usually the hardest hit by times like this. Pair that with the fact that most of them have decided, if not been forced, to close dine-in operations and things get really tricky. So, we absolutely think that you deserve to treat yourself to a large meal, courtesy of your favourite local restaurant.

Have a Netflix and Chill Party!

While still practicing safe social distancing habits! And a new Chrome extension called Netflix Party blew up this week. Basically, it adds a chat screen into anything on Netflix and allows you to talk with your pals, or anyone, while it’s playing. Dang, this is win-win, people get to talk during the movie, and we don’t have to hear them? Score.

Finally check out the world’s best museums

We should have thought of this before going to Paris all those years ago. Whoops, well no regrets. However, if travel is limited this summer, we might have to spend a solid amount of time going on virtual tours of the best museums in the world. Not a bad consolation prize, and way cheaper!

While listening to the world’s best musicians

Yeah, in light of the recent hardships, a fair number of the world’s best artists and musicians have started doing impromptu concerts on social media. Click the link above to see our own roundup, or just check in with your favourite artists online! They’ve got nothing going on, either.

And that’s our list of 8 things to do this weekend in Toronto! Now while we can’t encourage you to ‘get out there’, we can still say that you should have some fun.

So, have some fun!

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