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8 things to do at home this week in Toronto (April 13-17)

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Happy Sunday, everybody! We hope that your weekend has been going pretty well so far and that you’re ready for a whole new week of things to do ahead. As always, we’re here to provide you with some of the best options for chilling at home.

In the house chilling, chilling in the house. Here are 8 things to do at home this week in Toronto.

Play Settlers of Catan for Free

There are two camps of people in this world- those who have played Catan and those who haven’t. No matter which side your friends are on, we guarantee that this will make for an entertaining 2 hours. Anybody got sheep? We’ve got wheat. Also if you build that road there we’re going to embargo you.

Head to the library

Welcome to Open Library, which is associated with the Internet Archive. Operating in partnership with actual libraries, this site offers a ton of reading material, without costing you a dime!

Hit up Hogwarts

Let’s say you want to learn about the wizarding world. You’re in luck because a bunch of fans created a virtual Hogwarts School that you can check out. Just make sure you’re pronouncing your spells correctly.

Watch some sports

The one thing (ok, one thing out of many) that we weird our friends out with is an affinity for Esports. Well, there are no real sports going on right now, so maybe check out professional streams of Rocket League, racing simulators, or like NHL 20. It’s surprisingly engaging.

Get a little exercise

All of our ‘cool’ friends have been posting about the Strava app, which we think is a running app that incorporates some aspect of social media? It’s honestly a brilliant idea- most of the people we know who work out are also motivated to share that they do.

Learn to cook

Everybody is baking bread, but we know you can do that and more. The best place to start your journey? The Bon Appétit YouTube page. Hot take of the day- these folks have revolutionized what it means to be a ‘professional cook’, and their content is supremely entertaining.

Or learn to paint instead

Did you know that every single ‘Joy of Painting’ video is on YouTube for free? Yup, that’s right, Bob Ross is sitting there right now waiting for you to take the plunge.

Check out a brand new streaming service

Having launched just last week, Quibi is the latest streaming service to pop onto the world stage. They have a little different setup though- all episodes have a runtime of 10 minutes or less. It sounds pretty cool actually, and they’re offering a free 90-day trial right now.

And that’s our roundup of the best things to do at home this week! Now stay inside and have some fun, folks!

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