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8 things to do at home and around Toronto this weekend (May 29-31)

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weekend things to do

Ahh, the weekend. A time to sit back, relax, and enjoy some time at home. Oh wait, that’s what we did all week too. Well, if you wanna mix it up a little, this is the list for you. There’s so much going on, that even with social distancing, you don’t have to stay cooped up at home anymore. Of course, if you do go out, please do so safely. And if ya stay in, we’ll tell you how to keep from getting bored!

Here are 8 things to do at home and around Toronto this weekend.


After a week of scorching hot sunshine, it looks like we’re finally getting a little cool down in the city. You’ll wanna stay inside on Friday, cause a pretty rough thunderstorm is coming our way. But Saturday and Sunday should be sunny with cooler temperatures. Ahh, perfect evening stroll weather.


And if you do go out to enjoy the cooler weather this weekend, you can finally safely hit up one of the city’s many parks! After the disaster that was last weekend, Toronto has decided to paint social distancing circles in the grass. So you can enjoy the outdoors while safely keeping your distance.


Looking to laugh your way through the weekend? There are a ton of great Netflix comedy specials that’ll help you do just that! So check them out while you’re stuck inside thanks to that storm on Friday!


Or if stand up isn’t really your vibe, you can check out one of the HBO Max shows that will be streaming on Canada’s Crave! It’s not often that we get such early access to American content. So you’ll definitely wanna give these shows a watch.


If staying at home has taught us one thing, it’s that we are sick of our current furniture! Staring at the same couch every day is seriously breaking our spirits. And luckily, IKEA stores across Ontario have just reopened! Will we be heading to one this weekend to completely refurnish our place? Absolutely. And you should too.


And once our new furniture is all put together, we’ll obviously need to complete the job with a full redecoration project! Good thing Winners, Marshalls, and HomeSense just reopened! We’ll definitely be checking out some new accent pillows and wall decor.


If you wanna keep your fingers on the pulse of COVID-19 in the city, this is the best way to do it. Toronto has just released an interactive map that’ll give you up-to-date information on the spread of the virus. How many people have it, what neighbourhoods were hit the hardest, recovery rates. You name it, they’ve got info on it. So check it out this weekend if you wanna stay informed.


Speaking of staying on top of COVID-19, what better time than now to get tested for the virus? Tons of people who are asymptomatic could be carrying it. So it’s wise to figure out if that’s you. And luckily, Ontario finally has enough resources to accommodate it. So get tested this weekend. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

So if you thought you were gonna have a chill laid back weekend, think again. With this much to do, how will you possibly fit it into only a few days?