You could soon be cruising on brand-new electric Bike Share bikes

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Bike Share is great, actually having to use our thighs and pedal kinda sucks sometimes. Thankfully, the company is adding a huge amount of shiny new toys to the fleet this year, and electric bikes are in the plans!

You probably know this, but electric bikes use power to help turn the wheel, giving your ride a boost. Since the Toronto Parking Authority (who oversees Bike Share) is adding $11.25 million worth of new equipment to the collection, they’re thinking of splashing out a bit.

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According to CBC, ridership last year was “historic.” Figures, people like avoiding traffic and feeling less like a sedentary potato! Not only are they going to add plenty of new bikes, but about 300 electric bikes are in the plans.

This is mostly to help people who are using Bike Share to complete longer trips. Obviously, the further you have to bike, the less appealing biking is. E-bikes would literally speed up the journey and take some heat off your quads. Along this train of thought, they’re planning on placing more bikes out in far corners of the city, so more GTA folk have the chance to use them.

Keep an eye out for the expanded bike offerings come spring!

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