You could be fined up to $5k for gathering at Toronto parks and playgrounds

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We’ve been talking about social distancing for what seems like forever now. With the ongoing coronavirus (aka COVID-19) situation, it’s one of our best defenses against the spread of the virus. Well, if you haven’t been social distancing in Toronto, things are about to get real for you. Five thousand dollars worth of real, to be exact.


Yup, in a press conference on Monday, Mayor John Tory said that people who are caught gathering in the city’s parks and playgrounds will be fined anywhere from $750 – $5000. This comes as a response to all the people who disregarded social distancing warnings over the weekend, despite the fact that Toronto parks have been closed for almost a week. C’mon ya’ll, just stay at home!

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What’s even worse, is that members of the public have been removing the city-sanctioned signs that warn against gathering on the property. Yikes, people, big yikes.

Tory called the behaviour “irresponsible and insensitive.” And we gotta say, we agree. We know that staying at home can be boring. But is it worth risking exposing yourself and those around you to a global epidemic? Seriously… STAY HOME!!

Hopefully, the new fines will curb this behaviour. And in the meantime stay safe and stay healthy. And to those of you who are social distancing properly: thank you.

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