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You can watch a live-stream of Stonehenge during the Summer Solstice this June

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Summer Solstice. It marks the beginning of everyone’s favourite season. And it’s a time to celebrate whether you’re into solsticey-type things or not. In normal years, travellers would flock to England for the in-person Summer Solstice at Stonehenge. Well, obviously this year that’s not a possibility. But that doesn’t mean that the turn of the season can’t still be celebrated!

Because this year, Stonehenge will be taking the Solstice online. Yup, just like a ton of other attractions, there will be a live stream of the Summer Solstice straight from the mysterious English location.

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The event will go over the spiritual background of the Summer Solstice as well as the mystery behind the rocks at Stonehenge.

And it’ll be happening on June 20th. We probably still won’t have sports or too many normal live events to watch at that point, so mark those calendars now so ya don’t miss it.

You can check out the official event page here.

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