You can now hook up at Canada’s first Tokyo-inspired “love hotel”

Via Tokyo Love Hotel

There isn’t really a way to sugar coat this. Young ones, click away. Tokyo Love Hotel, Canada’s very first “love hotel” is now open in Toronto. What’s a love hotel, you ask? It’s a place you go… to bang. Wow. We feel like our parents probably did when they were giving us “the talk”. We hate this. Anyways.

Sooooo, love hotels are a thing already in certain parts of the world. They originated in Japan, and now we guess they’ve hopped right over the pond to us. The whole idea is that you’ve got a place to stay to do the horizontal tango with your lover.

tokyo love hotel

Forget the back of the car, forget the unsettling knowledge that your roommate is listening through those thin, thin walls. You can rent a room, do the deed, and not even feel bad for whatever would show up under a black light afterward. It’s expected here.

The rooms are dreamy and dimly lit. We suspect the lighting helps hide… several things that don’t need to be seen in broad daylight.

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tokyo love hotel

Each one has a different fantasy theme, from a white cloud paradise (bold sheet colour choice but ok) to a red room decked out with 50 Shades props. The blue room has a waterbed for you to *ahem* “surf atop waves of pleasure.”

Additionally, each room comes with a Smart TV, WiFi, a large shower, snacks, and some feature fully mirrored walls. Cringe. Normally we’d offer to check something new out with you, but we’re going to firmly say we won’t be intruding on your experience here. Unless you want us to…

We’d like to end this article with a shout out to our moms, who read everything we write. Hi mom!


Where: 29 Wellesley St E

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