What to try at LOV, the Montreal favourite opening soon in TO

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We’re all suckers for a pretty restaurant and good food. Montreal-based LOV is putting final touches on their brand-new Toronto space, and you should be stoked!

They’ve already got 4 locations in Quebec, but this will be their first in Ontario. LOV has a reputation for stellar vegetarian and vegan eats with an eco-conscious focus. Also, dat interior. Mmmm.


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Also, they’re known as a ‘fast fine dining’ establishment. What does that mean? Well, they want to combine culinary excellence with an affordable price point and quick service. We dig.

Firstly, the Bahn Mi Burger is a must-do. Think crispy tofu, fermented carrots, miso coleslaw, and spicy sriracha mayo. Also, we’re big fans of the Gnocchi Di Casa, which is a lovely combo of buckwheat sweet potato gnocchi, hemp basil pesto, arugula, and vegan parm. Parm for everyone!

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Finally, just because we love carbs that much, give the lasagna a taste. Pasta, cashew cream, lupini tempeh bolognese, vegan mozzarella, and caesar on the side. Salad, guys. Although you could get a cocktail on the side, too.

Thinking you’re going to need a couple tasting sessions? Everything on the menu is less than $20, so you’re all set.


When: Opening this month
Where: 620 King Street West

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