What did Canadians Google the most in 2019?

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It’s December, which means plenty of companies are releasing their data and trends for the year. Good thing we’re self-proclaimed suckers for data and trends, right? Next up, Google! The top Google searches in Canada of the year range from nostalgic to just plain hilarious. Let’s take a peek!

raptors google searches canada

First of all, the most-Googled topic was the Toronto Raptors. No real shocker there. One of the top-asked questions was “why is Toronto still being called The 6?” Our follow-up question: is anyone in Toronto actually calling it The 6?

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top google searches canada

Next, there were some serious topics being broached in the search bar. Apparently, the number of searches related to climate change went up by 75%. For example, “why is the Amazon burning” and “who is Greta Thunberg” were both high up on the list.

Then, we’ve got the trending lists. Google determines its trending lists by analyzing what it calls “aggregated anonymous data” that represents mass interest in a topic.

The top trending searches overall were “Toronto Raptors”, “Kawhi Leonard”, and “Canada election results.” In the trending list of questions, we had some learning moments: “why is Toronto called the 6?”, “why did Don Cherry get fired”, and “why is blackface offensive?”

google searches don cherry

Further down on the list were less critical topics, like “why is celery so expensive?” and “why is Fortnite not working?” Why IS celery so expensive? *opens Google* Apparently, it’s California’s fault. The more you know.

Finally, let’s take a look at the top trending recipes of 2019. We’ve got a few surprises here. These included beef stroganoff (rlly?), brussel sprouts, and coleslaw. We haven’t eaten beef stroganoff since our last microwaveable Michelina’s meal in junior high, but apparently it’s having a moment.

To check out the rest of the Google lists in their entirety, you can visit the CBC lists here.

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