We’ve got a beautiful weekend of weather ahead of us in Toronto

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weekend weather

Sunshine, clear skies, and hot-but-not-too-scorching temperatures. It’s what we picture when we think of that perfect summer day. And it looks like this weekend it’s what we’ll be getting, Toronto! Yes, you can get ready for absolutely gorgeous weekend weather ahead. Honestly, after the storms and scorching July we just got through, we think you’ve earned it.

So let’s break it down. Friday’s looking super sunny with a high of 26°C that’ll really feel like 29°C. And Saturday’s sitting pretty without a cloud in the sky as well. We can expect things to warm up a little, with a high of 27°C that’ll really feel like 32°C.

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weekend weather

Then Sunday we may see a little cotton candy up there. But don’t worry, it’ll still be mainly sunny. Then things are getting even warmer with a high of 28°C that feels like 34°C. Ahh, we’ve got a feeling this weekend’s gonna be a good one. And with weather this clear, who wouldn’t?

So what’ll you be doing to enjoy the summer sun? Planning a picnic? Heading to the beach? The possibilities are seriously endless.

Have a great weekend, everyone!