Vancouver 23 y/o buys $5M Bugatti with dad’s debit card

Photo via @bugattivancouver Instagram

In a similar vein as the Vancouverite that dropped 800k USD on Supreme decks, another legend has stepped up to the plate in the city. We’re not going to out anyone here, but this is a fun one.

As first reported by The South China Morning Post (and the same reporter that broke the infamous Lil’ Tay Vancouver story), the son of a wealthy tycoon in China recently swung by the Bugatti showroom and spent a cool $3.8M USD ($5.1M CAD) on the new Bugatti Chiron. Fun inside fact, he bought the car using the very popular UnionPay system.

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If you’ve not heard about UnionPay, it is a limitless debit card that many large Asian banks offer. Similar to the Amex Centurion (Black) Card, UnionPay has no limits on individual purchases at the highest tiers. If the money is in your account, you’re good. Another side note- the highest reported black card purchase comes in at $170M USD. Woah, nelly.

After purchasing the car, the guy took to Instagram to lament the taxes levied by the federal and provincial government. Canada got around 210K CAD from the purchase, while BC claimed a hefty 690K, for a grand total of around 900K. Even the minor 1.7% charged by UnionPay totalled just under 70K. Let that sink in.

Fair enough though, we don’t know anyone that wouldn’t be upset about spending that much extra. At this point, it would probably be easier to purchase the car direct from Bugatti and get it flown in.

But, then you don’t get to drive it off the lot. : )

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