Two Canadian spots make NY Times list of top places to visit in 2020

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The New York Times has released its list of 52 Places To Go In 2020, and two Canadian spots have made the rankings. Both Haida Gwaii, BC, and Churchill, MB, were listed by The Times, which means they should both be on your Canadian bucket list ASAP!

First, let’s take a look at Haida Gwaii. This isolated set of islands off the coast of British Columbia is filled with First Nations heritage. Like, really filled. In fact, the Haida people have lived on the islands for around 13,000 years, so the storied past of this region goes beyond most of Canada.

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Obviously, the Haida First Nations people take pride in protecting their natural environment.  That means sustainable, small-group tourism is the play when visiting, and they offer some dynamite tours. From whale-watching to exploring abandoned villages, every sort of adventure tourism is available.

Fun fact! Churchill, Manitoba, is often called the “polar bear capital of the world”. That alone would put it on our list of places to visit, but it also offers much more. Located on the western coast of the Hudson Bay, this town often features incredible aurora borealis and nature you can’t find anywhere else.

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Tours are catered to visitors wanting to see polar bears up close and personal, but can be pretty pricey. That being said, it’s hard to put a price on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

Check out the full New York Times list of places to go in 2020 right here. In the meantime, keep exploring, Canada!

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