Toronto’s speed cameras issued over 53K tickets in 5 months & one driver got caught 17 times

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toronto speed cameras

The city of Toronto has been cracking down on traffic violations over the past few months. The new speed cameras have been hard at work and it looks like they’ve churned out a whopping 53,090 since their instalment. Whew, that’s a whole lot of tickets, ya’ll!

Of course, these numbers come from a 5-month time period of data. Overall, speeding in the city appears to have actually gone down since the cameras were installed. The first month of enforcement saw 22,301 tickets issued, then 15,175 the following month. After that it was 9,719 tickets in the thirst month, 5,174 in October, and only 721 in November. So there’s been a pretty steady decline.

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The neighbourhood that picked up the most tickets from Toronto’s speed cameras was in Etobicoke. The Redford Drive camera handed out a whopping 5,404 tickets, which is around 10% of the city’s total.

One driver in particular was really putting the pedal to the metal this year. The record holder for the most tickets issued to a single person racked up 17 tickets in Scarborough North. The highest fine was $718 for a driver going 89 km/hour in a 40km/hour zone. Oof.

So keep an eye out for these speed cameras when you’re driving around the city. They are certainly keeping an eye out for you.