Toronto’s speed cameras gathered another 15,000 tickets last month

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Etobicoke speed cameras

Toronto’s speed cameras are still hard at work and it looks like one Etobicoke street is a major culprit. Renforth Drive, near Lafferty Street in Etobicoke is reportedly responsible for 10% of the total tickets given out in the city. Whew, in a city this big that much activity on one street is nothing to sneeze at!

The speed cameras have been operating since July. In their first month alone, they issued over 22,000 fines to Toronto’s speeding drivers. Of that number, apparently, a whopping 2,239 were repeat offenders. In the cameras’ second month, numbers went down to just over 15,000 tickets overall and 1,198 repeat offenders.

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So how many were from that street in Etobicoke? You do the math. Just kidding, we’re not gonna make you do that. On Redforth Drive last month, 1,534 tickets were issued. Yikes. To give you some context, that’s all just from one of 50 cameras stationed all over the city.

We’re not sure what’s going on to make the people of Etobicoke drive so fast. But hopefully, they get that under control. In the meantime, make sure you’re staying at the speed limit so you don’t find yourself on the receiving end of one of these nasty tickets. These speed cameras catch everything.

Stay safe out there, folks!